Our Mission for CHAD Coaching

“To come alongside pastors and congregations to help them find their focus, to encourage them to fully live out the calling God has for them, and to give them a sense of perspective.”

The Process

Once a desire/need for a coach has been established, the coach will arrange for a meeting between them and the person to be coached (a.k.a coachee). In the first meeting some ground rules are established and the following will be discussed:

  • What does the coachee hope to accomplish
  • The purpose of the coaching arrangement
  • The committment expectations from both parties
  • The frequency of the sessions
  • The method(s) of communication to be used
  • The cost

The coach will then draw up a contract specifically outlining the details of the coaching agreement to be signed by both parties.

Do I Need a Coach?

This short assessment form below contains questions to help you determine if you and/or your church could benefit from Missouri Ministries Coaching Network. Check all the boxes that apply, then click on the ‘submit’ button at the bottom of the page. We will evaluate your responses and get back to you as soon as possible with your Needs Score and what’s next.

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    My church is running me instead of me running my church
    Our church has a lot more potential, but I'm not sure how to reach it
    I'm wearing too many hats
    I spend too much time putting out fires and not enough time strategically leading
    I sometimes wonder if pastoring is worth the personal toll
    I want to start enjoying my church and my ministry more
    We rarely have enough money to accomplish the strategic priorities of our church
    I don't have as much time or energy as I'd like for my personal/spiritual/family life
    Our leaders are not as equipped for effective ministry as I'd like them to be
    Our congregation is not as committed or involved in ministry as I'd like them to be


    Our entire church should share a clear vision and a step-by-step plan to achieve it
    The ministries of our church should run smoothly without the Pastor's constant oversight of every aspect
    Our ministry leaders should know exactly what they need to do to accomplish the goals and should be motivated and equipped to do it
    Ministry management systems and procedures should be in place to give constantly effective results in every ministry


    A strategic plan that clearly communicates where our church is going, how it's going to get there and how will we manage to evaluate progress
    Clear processes defined for implementing and managing change
    Better systems for organizing and delegating so that the most important functions are accomplished with excellence and nothing falls through the cracks
    Repeatable processes in place to maximize effectiveness in recruiting, training and managing staff and/or lay leaders for key ministry positions
    A clear outreach strategy and an assimilation process that is integrated throughout all our ministries
    More effective processes to constantly develop good stewardship habits in the entire congregation
    Better processes in place to continually develop effective ministry leaders and teams